Frequently Asked Questions

Are writers restricted to a particular kind of writing, such as the traditional essay format, or would fiction, satire, poetry, etc. also be welcomed?

The general rule is that if you are (a) a Catholic (b) in Phoenix and (c) something is on your mind, then it is fair game for a post on The Kindling. So if you have a poem or a satire on your mind and you meet the first two criteria, then the poem or the satire would be fair game.

Is there a word limit?

The Kindling imposes no word limit on a writer's post.

The writer's art is the only source of limits on the post's length. If the writer believes a 10,000-word post will hold a reader's attention, then a 10,000-word post is fine for publication on The Kindling.

If the writer's art suggests that the post be divided over a series, then The Kindling will accommodate the series within limits.