Links to Other Catholic Websites

Here are links to other websites run by Catholics living in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you know of other websites that are worth a visit, please email a link to

Catholic Book Report

Catholic Book Report is a blog run by a Catholic living in Phoenix.

Catholic Phoenix

Catholic Phoenix is an organization whose mission is to nurture the moral, intellectual, and cultural lives of Catholics in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Catholic Phoenix publishes a podcast hosted by Doug Connolly.

The Donkey at the Inkwell

The Donkey at the Inkwell is the blog of Rob Drapeau.


Ethelweard is a blog run by Jessica McCaleb.

Just a Catholic Family

Just a Catholic Family is a blog run by Jamie & Alishia Hanson.

Little Catholic Bubble

Little Catholic Bubble is the blog of Leila Miller.

Leila Miller is the author of Raising Chaste Catholic Men: Practical Advice, Mom to Mom.