Changing Bunk Bed Sheets

I can think of all kinds of things I would rather do than change the sheets on bunk beds. I would rather (with pleasure I might add) clean the toilet or pick up dog poop.

The thought of contorting myself into a knot to change those sheets can almost make me crazy. About a year ago, I tweaked my neck changing the top bunk's furthest corner, and I still am out of whack. All of you that have had a bunk bed in your life know what I’m talking about.

I’m going to air my dirty laundry….I mean filthy sheets…ok.

Yes, I have been known to keep a pair of sheets on my people’s bed for months.

You gasp, and maybe rightly so, but I have. Yes, even during potty training, I’ve just put a towel over the accident, then a blanket, switched out comforters, and maybe even a pillow. And in the morning I/they make the beds and hide the hideousness of it. Febreze can only do so much for a young boy’s bed who hates to shower and is starting to have B.O.

Hiding the dirty truth.

But isn’t that what we try to do sometimes, hide the foul, stinky parts of ourselves? The parts that we hope would just change themselves. The torn and ripped parts of ourselves that just can’t be covered with Febreze.

The months of doing anything and everything else besides what I really should be doing (which is praying to the Lord to help with my stinking and filthy ways) is hard. Changing myself is hard. Trying to change — true change — without Christ is much harder...impossible really.

And so I will change those sheets every two weeks now. That still sounds bad but it’s better. And if there is an accident, those sheets get changed right away.

I will continue to pray for a better self for the Lord.

No more hiding the dirty sheets.

Even on the bunk beds.

Samantha Tork