The Baby is Coming!

This is it. The week of our due date for our 4th child. I am not anywhere near as nervous or jittery as I was when we had our first, or second child. Our third had complications, so that birth had its own sense of concern. I do remember reading somewhere during the first pregnancy that the hormones a mother gives off before and after the birth directly affect the father. Men tend to mature instantly upon seeing their first child. They tend to increase muscle mass, and sometimes increase in other areas, after the birth. Furthermore, during following pregnancies it seems to me the hormones are having an even greater effect on me. I am increasingly forgetful, frequently in a mental fog, constantly eating, uncomfortable, and occasionally unable to sleep. Ok, ladies, I am not asking for sympathy here, but I do think we can say as the number of pregnancies increase your husbands have a slightly, very slightly, improved understanding of what it is you deal with mentally during pregnancy. Just to be safe I am going to have my wife read this over to make sure this post makes any sense at all and also so our house doesn’t get any bricks thrown through any windows.

Earlier this week I spent far too many hours trying to write a post about the history of Carthage as it compares to the future of the United States—super interesting, I know—but the fog of this pregnancy is keeping me from focusing on just about everything. I also tried to post about our goats we are trying to breed, our urban farm, and those ridiculously cute baby chicks I am hovering over right now like a mother hen. I am now going to let my wife read this while I grab a cookie and think about the really cute baby were about to have (all of our children are extremely cute, but this is God’s and my wife’s doing, obviously not mine ;)). If the lack of sleep doesn’t kill me, maybe I will have a more structured post for next month!

Ok wait just one more second…  My wife thinks it’s important that I mention the kids and how they feel about the new baby. Probably a good idea. They are ages 5, 4, and 21 months. (What’s with the months thing anyway?) Anyhow, they are all going berserk. My son won’t let us leave when I drop him off for school unless I fist bump him and say, ba-la-la baby (yes that’s a Big Hero 6 reference followed by the word baby.) Our youngest screams until my wife lets him touch the belly. This happens all day long. All day long… The one hope we have is in our daughter, our sweet daughter who just wanted to be a big sister and “WHY IS SHE NOT HERE YET AHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHA (tears and whining).” Before we knew the sex of the baby, we told her that her room was too messy for her to have a little sister. She cleaned it up and kept it that way for two weeks until we found out it was a girl. When we got home the room once again looked like it suffered the blast of a nuclear SAaG-bomb (that’s a nuclear stuffed animal and glitter-bomb). Come to mention it she was probably just redecorating. Hopefully she is old enough to take care of the baby so we can finally get some sleep. I’ll let you know how that works out ;) She is 4 years old after all.

Kenneth Roberts