The Kindling Gets Visual

You may have noticed something new at The Kindling: the images that accompany the newer posts. You can see these images on the homepage; you can also see these images when you visit the posts themselves.

The Images

The images are fairly simple. Sometimes they're a photo background; sometimes they're not. The always have:

  • The title of the post,
  • The name of the author, and
  • The tag (not as an insignia of ownership, but as a means by which someone can find their way back to the site).

Why Bother with Images?

People reading things on the internet want something that catches the eye.

The image tries to catch the eye and bring the reader to the writer's text.

The images also make it possible to share the writer's work on social media (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) more easily and attractively.

The Images as a Sign of Development

When The Kindling launched in August 2016, it had no images. I was scrambling to make sure the site had text to publish. Now that The Kindling has a rhythm and a life of its own, I'm excited that I can add a feature that makes the site more user-friendly and reader-accessible.

I'm also excited that I can do something that, I hope, highlights the writer's work and brings more readers to it. The writers at The Kindling deserve many good readers. And many readers would be delighted to find the work of our writers. So if an image brings even one new reader to our writers, the images will have succeeded.

The Plan

I am adding images to the new work that comes to the site. I am also going back to the beginning — reditus ad initium — and adding images to the earlier work. (I finished our very first post — Jefferson Reframed — this morning.)

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