Introducing The Tinderbox — A Newsletter for the Kindling Community

The Kindling now has an email newsletter! The newsletter is called The Tinderbox.

If you want to sign up right away, visit this page right now.

If you need some persuading, keep reading.

Why Sign Up for The Tinderbox?

Here are three reasons you should sign up for The Tinderbox:

  • Keep Up With The Kindling: The Kindling has a lot of great stuff to read. And it's going to be getting even more great stuff to read as time goes by. But you're busy. We get it. The Tinderbox will point you to some posts — both new and old — and get you started in your reading. You won't miss out.
  • Enjoy the Convenience: The Tinderbox comes straight to your inbox. It's a little gift delivered right to you, and you get to step directly from your inbox into the world of The Kindling. It couldn't be easier.
  • Be Part of the Community: The Kindling is basically a group of people working together to produce solid, interesting writing from Catholics about any subject under the sun. You can visit the site occasionally. That's great! Or you can join the The Kindling community and stay in touch with what we're doing, just by signing up for The Tinderbox. That's even better!

Don't worry: we won't flood your inbox! The Tinderbox will arrive once a week, not more (and maybe even less, considering how family life and holidays sometimes conspire to keep us from writing).

Convinced that you should sign up for The Tinderbox? Great! All you need to do is visit the sign-up page and fill out the form (it's only three lines).

Or just click on the big ol' button below!!!

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