Developing Slowly But Surely


Earlier this week, I emailed a group of people to whom I had mentioned the idea underlying The Kindling. The email let them know that the site exists and that the Operating Document also exists (but in an inchoate form).

In the email, I asked the group to review the site and to take a look at the initial version of the Operating Document.

I want people to know that the site is coming into existence — slowly perhaps, but surely.

Slowness as a Virtue

The relative slowness of the development is a virtue: it gives people a chance to meditate on whether this is the kind of thing they might want to work on, to think up ideas for things they'd like to write about, and to toss in suggestions.

What's next?

Here's what I see as my next immediate step: 

Publishing some target dates for when the site will go fully operational and milestones that should be reached before that go-live date.