Who Owns the Posts Published on The Kindling? The Writers Own the Posts.

The Kindling is a forum in which the Writers share their work. The work passes through a Proofreader and a Caretaker before it goes onto the site, but the work remains the work of the Writer.

"Remains the work of the Writer." This has two senses, both of which are true here at The Kindling.

  1. The post reflects the mind of the Writer, not the mind of the Proofreader, Caretaker, Administrator, or anyone else associated with The Kindling.
  2. The text of the post is the intellectual property of the Writer. If the Writer wants to publish the text elsewhere, the Writer is free to do so. If the Writer's work on The Kindling happens to get him or her a lucrative offer from a publisher, the Writer legally owes no one at The Kindling anything (though a few bottles of wine at a Jubilee would be appreciated).

These two principles reflect the autonomy of the Writer as an artist — a person who uses his or her skill and experience to make something exist that did not exist before.