Dedicating This Art Project to Mary, Mother of the Word Made Flesh

Catholics believe in the Incarnation.

God became man. The Word was made flesh.

How did it happen?

Mary said Yes.

The Logos entered into human history — something radically and wonderfully new began to exist — because Mary was willing to try something, to dare something, to make something happen. Mary said Yes.

Mary bore the Word within her and brought it forth, in the flesh, through her flesh. Something was now there — Jesus — which had not been there before.

I understand that Mary's bringing forth of Jesus is greater than anything produced by art or contrived by human effort, but I nonetheless believe that Mary and her Yes are an image of the artist and the artist's work.

The Kindling is an art project. A group of us are working on bringing things into the world that were not here before (i.e., posts about this or that subject). Sure: it's not the Sistine Chapel. But it's still art — making things exist by skill and effort. We've said something like what Mary said: Yes — we'll try that, we'll make something.

It's a Catholic art project. It's right that an image of Mary hang in our minds and hearts.

We'll see how this art project turns out.

Mary, pray for us.

Deus nos benedicat.

Jamie Hanson