The Timing of the Posts

If you want to see which Writer posts on which day, you need to visit the Schedule page.

What I can tell you here is this: if a day has two regularly schedule writers in it, they are designated as the AM Writer and the PM Writer.

The AM Writer's post is schedule to post at 12:01 AM of the designated day. The PM Writer's post is schedule to post at 12:01 PM of the designated day.

Why have a post schedule at 12:01 AM? Because there are early birds who check their internet feeds in the morning. I want those folks to be able to have something from The Kindling ready for them in the morning.

Why 12:01 PM? There's something for people for to look at during lunch, assuming there's a PM Writer for that day.

If a day has only one Writer, then that Writer's post goes up at 12:01 AM.

What if a Writer posts on a day that that Writer is not officially scheduled to post on? What if that will be the third post on that day?

That's OK. Three posts (and even more) on a single day are fine. It's likely that the third, extra post would be scheduled to post at 5:01 PM (sticking with the :01 theme).