A Word on the Present Absence of Categories for the Posts

Present absence is a lovely oxymoron that, once it occurred to me, I was helpless to resist.

But to the real business of this post:

You may have noticed, dear Reader, that the substantive posts — i.e., the posts from the Writers of The Kindling — have no assigned categories and that the only category at present is Infrastructure (a category consisting of posts about the site and which aren't substantive posts themselves).

Why is that?

Rather than try to spin out a whole schema of categories from someone's brain all at once, I figured we could develop categories piecemeal and over time. Crescit eundo, and all that.

Once we have a Cycle's worth of posts, we can see what the Writers actually wrote about.

If they're all writing about Netflix shows and coffee, why have a Theology category? Or if it's all scholasticism, Ratzinger's greatest hits, and the problems stemming from 1054, then why even bother with Restaurant Reviews and What to Look for at Costco?

Only time will tell what categories are contained within The Kindling.