Changes in the Format of the Schedule

The Schedule, which was once published as a PDF of a table generated in Microsoft Word, is now simply a list written in a .txt file and translated into HTML via Markdown.

Why the change?

Because of the reason identified by Peter Drucker in The Effective Executive:

An organization, a social artifact, is very different from a biological organism. Yet it stands under the law that governs the structure and size of animals and plants: The surface goes up with the square of the radius, but the mass grows with the cube.
The larger the animal becomes, the more resources have to be devoted to the mass and to the internal tasks, to circulation and information, to the nervous system and so on.

The addition and subtraction of Writers in the table was becoming more cumbersome than it was worth. Too much wasted energy on internal tasks.

Shifting to a text file and using the website's built-in style makes working on the Schedule much, much easier. A healthier, longer-lived organism.

The simpler, more agile system will keep things flowing as The Kindling keeps growing.

Right now, only Cycle 1 is in the new format. The remainder of the Cycles will soon be added.

(Note: I like Drucker, and I wrote about him here.)