A Standing Offer to Help Export The Kindling Idea

Last week, I explained why The Kindling shares its infrastructure, and I proposed thinking about the idea behind the project as an open-source Catholic social network.

For me, my motivation in working on and working out the idea is deeply Catholic. My yakety-yak about civil conversation and the emphasis on in-person gatherings stems from my Catholicism, with its Aquinasesque love of faith and reason, and its recognition of the unity of the human person as both a soul and a body.

But the idea could be easily exported to other groups attracted to fostering conversation and sharing work with one another. There could be a version run by evangelical Christians, for example.

So I hereby make a standing offer: if anyone, and I mean anyone, out there in the wide world of the internet wants to start something similar for your group, let me know; I'll help you out.


One of my favorite ceremonies is the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle. The church is dark but full of people. That big candle — representing Christ's Resurrection — comes on the scene. Light is passed from person to person, as they light one another's candles. The darkness softens. It's quite lovely. (And then my kids start playing with the candle wax.)

The internet is like that: kind of dark, unless we pass along some light.

Let's all pass it along.