Mirror of Truth

I recently lost a friend and it hurts. We were two peas in a pod. We saw each other every day, unless one traveled without the other. We put each other first, before anyone else, for 16 years.  We both called ourselves Christians. Then we both fell in love: she with another woman’s husband, and I with Jesus.

She started putting him first and it was ok.

I started putting Him first and it was not ok.

She began introducing her new love to others and he was accepted.

I began introducing my new love to others and He was not accepted.

She would commune with him every day and others approved.

I would commune with Him every day and others disapproved. 

She spent hours with him and was called normal.

I spent hours with Him and was called abnormal.

She talked and shared all that she loved about him and was welcomed.

I talked and shared all that I loved about Him and was unwelcomed.

She started a new life with him, tearing apart two families, and people say she is balanced.

I started a new life with Him, saving my family, and people say I am imbalanced.

She thinks she has found perfect love in him.

I have found perfect love in Him.

She thinks I was a bad friend because I didn’t accept her new relationship.

I was a bad friend because I did accept her new relationship.

Infidelity, unhappiness in marriage, and divorce are contagious. When I finally accepted my best friend’s transgression after years of hearing her profession of love for a married man, I began to follow in her footsteps.  I began to feel unloved and unhappy in my marriage. That is when God pulled me out of my sin and saved me. I will always thank God for that!  In time everyone will see which of us truly found perfect love. I don’t think it’s me she’s rejected, but Jesus in me. Jesus is the Mirror of Truth. I think when she looks at me she sees the truth about what she has done, and she simply can’t look anymore.

Cindy Montanarella