Missive Marking the End of Cycle 1

Here is a copy of an email sent out after The Kindling finished Cycle 1 of Season 1:

Colleagues in The Kindling project,

Congratulations! A complete cycle's worth of material was published on our site. Things of beauty, wit, and insight now exist that did not exist before. We know more about coffee; we've pondered the names of trailers and RVs; we've meditated on the Cross. Well done. And thank you for sharing your work.

I have created a new page.

The page has spaces for everyone's bios. I have a brief bio up there. It's not much more than 50 words. It identifies me with people, places, and things I love, and that give someone a sense of who Hanson might be (a question I wonder about myself, late at night).

Please send me a brief bio for you. Keep it brief (we don't have much real estate on that page) and feel free to add links. You don't need to stick with my formula; get crazy; get more formal. Whatever you like.

I set no deadline. But I will follow up, bothering you till I get it. And if you refuse to provide one, I'll just make stuff up ("When he's not enjoying Donald Trump debates, Tony DiStefano can be found enjoying a warm pot of Folgers on his patio...."). 

: - )

Thanks to everyone for your patience and persistence as we work through the development of processes. Solving problems and receiving feedback in Cycle 1 has given me ideas and insight about improving the system for all our sakes. (If you have ideas and insights you've not yet shared with me, send them my way.)

Again: I appreciate your willingness to share your work on the site. Whenever I prepare one of your posts for publication, I'm honored and humbled that you're so generous with what you're producing.

In amicitia Christ,


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