Two Short Summer

You're wondering, "Is that right? Did she write that right?"

Does she mean "Too Short Summer"? Or, "Summer Shorts Too Short"?

Well, don't spend too much time scratching that noggin. I meant what I wrote: Two Short Summer. I spent the summer of 2016 wearing two different pairs of shorts. I wore these same two pairs all summer—they were a part of my mom uniform and part of my workout clothes.

I didn't set out to make this summer some sort of minimalistic experiment. It was mostly a mixture of having a hard time finding shorts that I like in both style and investment.

I also tend to really dislike shopping. I like to shop with my sister, as she always picks a few really great and well-made pieces that I can wear, but those pieces often require at least a $500 spree. Plus, she lives in Seattle, so we don't get to shop together that much.

There were a few times I wished I had more shorts to add to my rotation. It would've been useful for stretching the time between washing. However, those two shorts were able to be dressed up—a bit—and definitely dressed down and worn with the approximate dozen shirts I own. Having such a small wardrobe meant I spent very little time deciding what to wear each day.

In addition to the two shorts and dozen-ish shirts, I had at my disposal three different dresses to wear to Mass. Again, there are times I wish I had a bit more variety in those dresses. As it is, it's very easy to wear these dresses with a variety of accessories and change the look a little bit. Overall, I didn't mind my limited options.

Now that it will be getting colder, I will have to consider buying another pair of pants to round out the pair that I currently use for all occasions. It will be especially important because I wore those same pants every day of 2016 when it was cold.

Is this a minimalist brag? No way. Do I feel slightly ridiculous? I did when I tried to dress up my jeans for Mass. I don't when I think about the time I save when it comes to shopping.

It's true that I no longer try to find deals at Goodwill or Last Chance. I gave up Last Chance YEARS ago. (No, my friends, they don't have cute shoes in my necessary size of 12–13. They have shoes that size but they are most definitely NOT CUTE.) I do not want to spend my time searching out deals that rock bottom.

I will go to Nordstrom Rack and I will shop at Marshall's. When I know of something I really want and need, though, I try very hard not to feel bad paying full price. When your wardrobe is so spartan, you need good, quality pieces that are versatile and can endure being worn three to four times as much as the average person wears their $11 jeans from Last Chance.

As much as this isn't any kind of humble brag or an attempt to make you think you have too many clothes, I would like to propose a challenge: pretend you're going away for two weeks—one week of your regular life, be that work or staying home, and one week of fun. You will have access to laundry services, but you can pack only one small bag. What would you take? And what if you packed away the rest of your closet today and lived out of that hypothetical suitcase? Would you really miss the other clothes? Give it a shot and let me know. Or just keep scrolling!

Alishia Hanson