A Few Things from the Administrator

For those interested in the inner workings of The Kindling, here is an email sent to Contributors on September 6. 2016:

Dear Kindling Contributors,

A few things:

  1. The Schedule: The schedule of submission dates and post dates is no longer in PDF format. The schedule is published directly on the website at the Schedule page. Why? Maintaining a table version of the schedule, creating a PDF, uploading the PDF, emailing the PDF, keeping track of the versions, etc., was beccoming more complicated than it was worth. I simplified the process. It's now easier to add Writers to the schedule. And you don't have to hunt for old emails with the schedule attached or visit Google Drive to find the schedule. It's on the site.

  2. How It's Going: A few of you have asked me how I think The Kindling is going so far. I think it's going very well. Are there some technical difficulties and process confusions? Yes. Can those be worked out over time? Yes (for example: the simplification of the schedule). Is The Kindling doing what it is designed to do: encourage the creation of written work, collect that written work, and share that written work? Yes. Absolutely. Thanks to all of you contributors.

  3. In-Person Launch Party: Remember that the Launch Party is happening this Saturday. I hope that as many of you as possible can at least stop by (feel free to come late, if you have something else happening that night). Some of you I've never met in person; some of you have never met one another in person. This will be our chance. If you haven't received an Evite, let me know.

  4. The More the Merrier: If you know anyone who might like to write for The Kindling, please feel free to invite them. (I made the Schedule system more flexible so that Writers can be added easily.) Or if you know of someone who might like to contribute by serving as a Proofreader, let them know that they can contribute that way. The idea is to receive as many as want to join. None are excluded who are willing to contribute.

  5. My Fear: My greatest fear (with respect to The Kindling) is that we will lose Contributors — regrettable attrition — because of technical or schedule stress. That is, my fear is that people will get frustrated with Google Drive or their "submission deadline" and want to walk away. Let me emphasize: I'm convinced that there needn't be frustration. Things can be adjusted. The system is designed for flexibility. Please don't walk away out of frustration without talking to me about ways to improve your experience of the system. If you do, you'll feed my fear. Don't feed my fear.

I thank you all for working on this project and for sharing your art.

InfrastructureJamie Hanson