Am I the only one who misses The Kindling?

Jamie and I talked today and agreed that this little endeavor shouldn't fizzle out. We're going to try to stoke the spark back into a roaring fire. Want to help?

Here's what we're going to do for now: no posting schedule, no cycles, no designated proofreaders. If you've written for The Kindling before, or if you expressed interest before but never got around to writing something, here's your chance! Just reach out to Jamie or me with your article, or your plan for when you'd like to write an article, and we'll make it happen.

We're going to take this one small step at a time. At this point, we just want to see whether people are still interested. Once we've gotten some fuel on the fire, we'll think about adding back some of the structure. For now, we just want to get people writing, reading each other's articles, and commenting. Let's make this happen!

John Thorpe