The Proofreaders

The Kindling has proofreaders. Each writer at The Kindling is assigned to a proofreader, and a proofreader may have multiple assigned writers.

While each writer is ultimately responsible for the grammatical clarity, logical flow, and rhetorical success of his or her post, the proofreader works with the writer to help make the post the best possible version of itself.

Unlike a caretaker (who must be a writer), a proofreader does not need to be a writer.

Why? Some people have neither the time nor the inclination to be a writer in a particular season, but still want to contribute to the work of The Kindling. Working as a proofreader is their chance to work on The Kindling.

So far, the following people have agreed to work as proofreaders during Season 1 of The Kindling:

  • Aaron Martin
  • Geoff Simms
  • Jamie Hanson
  • Jessica McCaleb
  • John Brungardt
  • John Thorpe
  • Keri Kudla
  • Melissa Austin
  • Mike Henderson